50 Fathoms

The world is drowning. The natives say three witches in Ograpog were sentenced to death directly by King Amemnus, drowned by the rising tide. With their dying breath, they cursed Caribdus, the land itself, to drown as they were, to drown in fifty fathoms of cold dark sea.

The people of Caribdus are adapting to their wet new world. Crab-like scurillians, massive grael, lonely doreen, mysterious kraken, cruel kehana, and the near-human masaquani now sail the seas aside the new visitors, humans from the age of piracy, dashing corsairs, bloodthirsty bucaneers, and savage sea dogs drawn from the mists of earth on unfamiliar tides. Many believe these visitors to be destined to defeat the Sea Hags and save Caribdus from a watery grave, but most seem interested only in joining the plunder of forgotten treasures in a drowning world.

Take a look at the wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

This Campaign uses the Savage Worlds Rules set with the following changes



Other Than Humans, There are several Races to choose from

Skill Specialization

Fighting – Unarmed, Long Blades, Short Blades, Polearm, Hook and Gaff, Whip and Chain, Axe,
Shooting – Bow, Crossbow, Pistol, Rifle, Blunderbuss, Cannon,
Survival – Terrain Type, Specific Area,
Riding – By Mount type
Persuasion – Sing, Instrument, Seduction, Con, Haggle


Bennies can be spent to gain access to a Combat edge they wouldn’t normally have
Players who Draw a Black Deuce (a 2 of Spades or Clubs) Instantly get a free Benny.
For those who draw multiple action cards due to edges can only benefit from this once per round.

Out of Game effort gives in Game Bonuses

  • Writing and Posting your character background on the Wiki – Gain 1XP
  • Updating your character’s journal between sessions – Gain 1 Benny or 1 Adventure Card Draw (not play) at the start of the next session.

Adventure Cards

No Matter Rank or experience only 1 Card is Drawn from the Adventure deck!

Derived Stats

Parry = (Fighting/2)-2 and acts as a penalty to attack rolls
Toughness = (Vigor/2)-2 and acts as a penalty to damage rolls
Pace = (Agility/2)+(Strength/2)
Charisma = (Spirit/2)-3

Parry and toughness used in this way brings them in line with the standard target number of 4.

Dice 4 6 8 10 12
Value 0 1 2 3 4

Advanced Tricks and tests of Will

As an optional house rule, when a character chooses to perform a Trick or Test of Will, they have two options as listed below and must choose one before rolling the dice.


Distract – This works as written in the main rulebook, causing -2 Parry and Shaken on a raise to the target.
Confuse – This inflicts a -2 penalty on the target’s attack rolls on the next round, and -4 on a raise (Note: this only affects attack rolls, not all actions).

Tests of Will: Intimidate/Taunt

Cow/Enrage – This works as written in the main rulebook, granting a +2 to the next action against target and Shaking the target on a raise.
Rattle/Belittle – Target suffers a -2 to their next Trait roll, and is Shaken on a raise.

Knowledge Points and Languages

Characters also start with a pool of points equal to their Smarts die. These can be spent on Languages or Knowledge skill Ranks.
Characters Automatically know their Racial or Nationality Language at Native and Masaquani at Fluent

For ½ Point you can gain fluency a Dialect of a language you already know.
For ½ Point you can gain basic understanding of a new language.
For ½ Point you can gain fluency in a language you know to a basic level
For ½ Point you can speak a language you know fluently at a native level
for ½ Point if you are illiterate, you can learn the script of 1 language
For 1 Point you can learn a new language to Fluent Level
For 1 Point you can buy at d4 or raise a Knowlege Skill one die type
For 2 point you can step a Knowledge skill higher than your smarts.

Example of Knowledge Points

Former English Shipman, John Bristow has a smarts of d6, he has a pool of 6 Points to spend.
Lang: English (Native) {0}
Lang: Masaquani (Fluent). {0}

John Started on Merchant vessels when he was 16, hiring on to whichever crew would get him to open water faster.
Knowledge: Trade Routes d4 {1}
Lang: Spanish (Basic) {½}

Since Coming through the mist, John ran afoul of some nasty creatures and took it as a sign that he didn’t know enough about Caribdus and took to listening to every wilds story of sea creatures he could glean out of the natives.
Knowledge: Sea Beasts d6 {2}

John Has spent a bit of time with the ship’s doctor on board his current ship and is learning a little about medicine. The Doctor is a Doreen and he has also taught John his language
Knowledge: Medicinal Herbs d6 {2}
Lang: Doreen (Basic). {½}

Basic Understanding

You can communicate in this language on a rudimentary level. To understand the speaker make a smarts roll modified by the following

Speaker is Basic -2
Speaker is Fluent -1
Speaker is Native 0
Subject is Simple 0
Subject is Focused -2
Subject is Complex -4

A speaker can speak in the language without a problem but has an accent that will give away a cross species disguise.

At Native Level you don’t have an accent and can converse at all sorts of levels.

Caribdus: Dark Waters

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