Caribdus: Dark Waters

A Quest or Two

Episode 8

After grabbing the loot we head back to the ship. Not much happened in the five day journey back, we stayed with the ex-pirate farmers again and had roast frog and met a red robed man who was heading in our direction for the blessing of the stones, apart from that it was uneventful and we did not get lost.

We arrive in town and check on our ship and am pleased to see everyone still there and had been fishing to keep the food supplies up. The loot is divided up amongst the crew and we start to look for cargo to take with us to Brigandy Bay, we may as well make some money since we are going that way. The prices here and in our destination aren’t that different and Pots declares that it wouldn’t be worth it so instead we buy a fishing net so we can catch our own. We make a deal with the fisherman whom we purchased the old and not quite useful net, to fix it whilst we do his days fishing. Unfortunately our fishing skills are not as good as we thought and the fisherman was not happy when we came back light.

A man in blue approaches us and wants to hire us for a rescue mission, he is a Spanish man, Manuel Damingo, and we are to rescue his brother from the Cocoa Mountain Mines which is a three month trip from here on the other side of the known world. His compensation for the trip will be shown to us this evening but he does emphasise his desire to leave as soon as possible.

On the way to seeing Manuel, Pots walks by the blessing of the stones ceremony and it doesn’t seem to be going to plan. The stones have cracks in them and parties from all elements are blaming each other. A young woman by the name of Pars Portri tells Pots of a dream she had of how to fix the stones by collecting certain items. For each item she receives she shall reward that person handsomely.

At the meet Manuel gives Pots his father’s ring as proof of our quest so that his brother Louis will know the sincerity of our mission. Our prize is a razor edged blade and as Pots examines it he discovers it has dark magic which draws life from its victims.


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