Caribdus: Dark Waters

An Explosive Situation

The new crew members of the fine ship Witches Brew meet their fellow shipmates:

  • Grurg, a Grael
  • First Mate Darin Dedroni, a Masaquani
  • the ship’s cook, Pepper Paraxis, also a Masaquani
  • Hogurd, an Atani
  • Bryn Brokar, the intrepid captain

Before departing Teran Terik attempts to apologize to Edda Elamis at the tavern but makes a complete arse of it. Terse words are exchanged, and Rogar Reddergar makes an appearance to add insult to injury. Both blame Teran for their exile.

Meanwhile Hopper scavenged in the harbor and amongst the stinking detritus found some silver coins.

Shortly thereafter the Witches Brew sets sail with the tide, making for the Flotsam and, hopefully, fortune and glory (and a ship!).

The novelty of being at sea again quickly wears off and a routine of utter boredom quickly settles in.

On Day 9 – excitement as a pillar of smoke is spotted on the horizon! As the Witches Brew sneaks closer, the smoke is discovered to be from a burning ship which is crawling with strange fire-folk, which Hopper identifies as ‘Salamanders’, creatures from the depths of the Kehana Flumes.

The bold band of adventurers boards the ship, ready for anything, and are slightly disappointed to find themselves ignored by the Salamanders, who seem more intent on setting things alight. As the party explores the ship things quickly turn sour, however, as Lewis Robertson attempts to prevent a Salamander from setting a barrel of gunpowder aflame. He drives his blade home, but is shocked when the rapier melts to the pommel!

Fleeing, Lewis shouts a warning to the others who manage to jump overboard before the ships magazines go up, obliterating the vessel!

Returning to the Witches Brew, Lewis replaces with his lost blade with a rusty rapier, which all agree is perhaps The Worst Weapon ever.

On Day 13 the crew encounters a Hoy named El Gato Del Mar, which has a broken mast and is adrift, seemingly deserted. Boarding, the heroes find an ominous pool of blood on deck and drag marks to the port side of the vessel.

Hek leaps into the water, intent on investigating – and all hell breaks loose! The ship is under attack by a myriad of tentacles and bipedal sea creatures – Octopons! Furious battle is waged, with Lewis standing against a giant monster in defense of Hek.

Pots hurls powerful magic at the creature and the battle (and a ship!) is won – but is it at the cost of Lewis’s life?


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