Caribdus: Dark Waters

Downtime in the Bay

Episode 6

The crew have time to pass as their newly acquired ship is fitted for a mast. Hopper goes shopping and buys a diary from a seedy looking man which details a lost destroyer. Teran Terik and Hek go hunting for food and also taking the time to get out of the town.

Pots wanders the city followed closely by the young John Diggory and the human Lewis, looking for items to fit into our ship. Ropes, provisions and supplies to get the ship sea worthy whilst we are waiting for the mast to be installed. Talking to some experts along the way they find out it may also be worth careening the hull so that it is free from sea organisms such as barnacles.

The group decide to careen the ship themselves which will take the crew 14 days and as they have already pooled their money to fit the ship they have little left for food and lodging so they setup camp on the beach with shelters made by Teran.

As this is going on Ethalamandas decides to leave the crew as her quest is no longer on the same path as the rest of the crew, she says her goodbyes and heads off on her own. At this point the group realise they no longer have a healer and decide to put up a notice looking for crew members.

Whilst careening the hull there are numerous applicants to the job notice. Rogar Reddergar applies and is told to come back as we think about his application when in reality we just wanted to see Teran and Rogar face off as Teran was gathering food the first time around. Although nothing happened Rogar was not surprisingly turned down.

Three Irishmen, Sean O’Flaherty, Liam O’Flaherty and Paddy O’Flaherty also come to apply for the job and they seem reasonable enough and are hired along with a water mage called Sarin Spenari.

The ship had its mast and 14 days of intensive labour careening the hull and it was ready for launch. The crew assemble on board and one of the Irish asks who the captain was, the crew all looked at each other and eventually Pots said it was him, of course Equais said it was her. An argument erupted between the two Scurillian and Eqauis seemed to backdown and stated she was heading to her quarters, the captains cabin. Pots quickly turned and bolted for the cabin himself and being much faster and stronger knocks her to the ground and he claims not only the cabin but also the Captaincy. At this point it also seems as though Teran is fast becoming the First Mate as Pots is giving him some of the duties typically associated with that role.

Eqauis is heard whimpering below deck for quite some time and Hek eventually goes to calm her down. She also tends to her cracked pincer which occured when she was knocked to the ground.

With an every growing crew there are still a few areas that aren’t covered such as ship cook but the Irishmen know someone for that role and everyone except Hopper head into town.

With Liams help the crew manage to convince Wela Wynn to see the ship and look for a job, its obvious however that Wela’s cooking skill hasnt been tested and that Liam might be in love with her


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