Caribdus: Dark Waters

Hopper Journal Entry 4

Swimming around Brigandy Bay was kind of disgusting, with bottles and all sorts of junk. The land dwellers just don’t treat the ocean with respect and they wonder why the ocean is rising, it’s payback.

My first venture out salvaging ship and treasure so far has been rather slow. Many days not finding anything really does get to you after a while yet we did find two ships across 15 days or so.

The first was on fire and to my enjoyment I got to see a Salamander for the first time. They were burning everything in site and it eventually got to dangerous and we had to get off the ship before it was completely burnt. As it turns out it is the second ship we have been around that has had that problem, maybe the Doreen is bad luck.

I remember hearing stories of the fire Salamander’s as a kid and always wanted to see one although I probably should of followed them into the water as to see them in their natural environment would have been something. Oh well maybe we shall come across them again.

The second ship was in better shape but once again things didn’t quite go as expected. More sea creatures decided they also liked this ship and attacked us. This time they were some octopus type of creature, maybe 12 of them and one big mother. I am still alive to write this so suffice to say we killed them all even if some of our crew took a beating.

We are going to have to head back to Brigandy Bay shortly and hopefully it will be in this new ship we have found. The land dwellers need supplies and can’t survive at sea for very long so they need to continuously go back home to restock, if only they knew how to live off the ocean it would be so much easier.


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