Caribdus: Dark Waters

Hopper Journal Entry 5

I am now back at Brigandy Bay after a month or so at sea and I enjoyed every minute of it. The last week or so was rather interesting and I saw some things I had never seen before including an Englishman and a giant whirlpool.

Our deal with the captain of the Witches Brew was fulfilled and with much luck we found a salvageable ship rather quickly, with the only problem being a busted mask and yes I know that is a major flaw but the ship itself is just what we needed. We attached a rope to the Witches Brew and were towed back for the rest of our journey. Me, Ella and the human Lewis stayed on board to man my new ship whilst as agreed Potts stayed on the Witches Brew.

Going back a few days, Lewis survived his near fatal encounter with the giant octopus creature which is good news, he seems quite capable even if he does smell funny, must be a human thing I guess.

Anyway where was I, ahhh, that right, the whirlpool, we came across a giant whirlpool and it was quite a sight to behold, even had an English ship in there being tethered to a rock by a single rope. The crew of the Witches Brew pulled the ship out of danger thanks to Ella flying a rope over there and befriended the English Captain. All in all it was a day of firsts for me.

Speaking of firsts, I forgot about the seaweed creatures. The night before the whirlpool we sailed through some thick seaweed, I should of known something would happen. I was at the helm when these seaweed creatures boarded, we did repel them even if it was difficult. They did not smell pleasant at all and if I wasn’t so scared I think I would of vomited. Lewis, Ella and me killed them all even if I was bloody useless, they were tough.

Anyway that was our trip and now we are back on land again and have made a deal to sell our small skiff to get a mast for our larger, newly acquired vessel. We shall see how things unfold but I feel that I shall be seeing many new wonders over the coming months.


spottyjunglecat aarcyn

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