Caribdus: Dark Waters

Hopper Journal Entry 6

Today I went shopping as we have some downtime, bought some things I needed and came across this strange man who sold me a diary. Being a curious so and so, I bough it and started reading, well bits of it anyway. Seems that there is a lost ship out there somewhere, Black Beard’s The Destroyer. I shall continue to read it and study it to see if there is any truth to it but it may be worth a look. I like a good adventure and if it turns out to be true then there may be some good treasure at the end of it.

Over two weeks we got the ship into shape, a lot of hard work and we camped on the beach which is as close to the ocean as you can get without actually living in it. It did make it easy to have a dip each night.

Finally with a working ship, Potts, with two T’s, appoints himself Captain whilst we are looking for other crew members. I’m ok with that, he seems smart and capable enough and to be quite honest I don’t want the responsibility.

The other crab, Equais was trying to impose herself and say she should be captain. She is really starting to become a pain in the backside, we rescued her and she thinks she can just come in and boss us around, at least Potts, with two T’s, seems to have had enough. He got into an amusing argument with her and when they both raced to the captains cabin he knocked her out the way, I think she was hurt as she was whimpering for quite some time. There will come a time when her attitude will no longer be tolerated.

Some of the crew still see me as a slave and maybe over time that will change but I am no slave and if they continue down this path, who knows what will happen.


spottyjunglecat spottyjunglecat

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