Caribdus: Dark Waters

Hopper Journal Entry 7

I can swim faster than this ship, well almost, but really we are in a terrible vessel. One day I hope we get something better it will make life so much easier. How does one plunder other ships when you can’t catch them. We need to rely on fog to sneak up on unsuspecting targets that need to sit still for a few hours. On second thoughts I wouldn’t want to swim this far, to dangerous.

Thirteen days on a ship avoiding Hek where possible. We might not like each other but that’s more in our genes than anything. Our two races are built to hate each other and it is making life, well, awkward. Still it hasn’t resulted in violence, yet, all those cheap shots keep building up.

I have never been to Persk and so far I am impressed. The jungles are very green and thick making it tough going and we got lost for a few days which was not fun. The temples were a good distraction to all the walking and we even met 4 others camping out and we joined them overnight which was very generous. They are much more trusting than the Doreen, they would of cut our throats.

At the top of the ledge it was quite a magnificent view and for the small time I had looking out it was definitely worth the climb. The treasure we found was worth it and a good start, scored myself a new set of armour and I am betting that Lewis won’t be able to resist using the new sword. It is a fine blade but Pots said it is cursed, I am betting Lewis will use it regardless.


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