Caribdus: Dark Waters

Hopper Journal Entry 8

It’s good to be back near the ocean. A couple of weeks trudging over the land is not my idea of fun, I tend to dry out but the jungles air is wet and it kept me going. For my part in the treasure I commandeered the light weighted vest which is good and no one seemed to object. So it seems like we have a few jobs on the horizon although I doubt we can do much with a ship this slow, we seriously need an upgrade but small steps.

The jobs we have will mean a lot of travel which means a lot of time at sea which is fine by me. A rescue mission to the other side of the world and I believe one of the items is at the Kehanna Fire Plooms which would be nice to see again.

Something I must remember is to read through that book I bought in its entirety. It mentioned a sunken ship. Just imagine if we could raise a sucken ship from the bottom of the ocean and sail in a fast ghost ship. Thats right Hopper, keep dreaming.


spottyjunglecat aarcyn

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