Caribdus: Dark Waters

Maelstrom and Maps

Episode 5

Day 19 of the voyage, a double master is spotted off the starboard side. As the Witches Brew looks closer, the crew sees the ship is stuck in a whirlpool, but two atani have secured the ship to rocks. Ella Valham glides over to the stricken ship with rope, and the Brew manages (after a close call) to pull the other out into calm waters. The captain of The Donna Brianne (as it’s now known to be called) thanks her profusely and calls on her to visit him in Brigandy Bay, and gives her his name, Hagrin McCoy.

At day 21, the Brew encounters sargasso as far as the eye can see. Ella, Hopper and Lewis Robertson are on board the El Gato Del Mar when it is attacked by humanoid seaweed forms. from extreme luck, Hopper survives a close call, and while some members of the cadre gag on the stench of their attackers, The Witches’ Brew is boarded by more of the same creatures, which are quickly dispatched by a vexed Potts. On board the El Gato Del Mar, Hopper, Ella and Lewis battle the creatures and with some teamwork finish their foes. Ella is injured during the battle, with her injuries taken care of by Ethalamandas.

On day 23 of the voyage, as The Witches’ Brew is heading back to port, it spots a galleon in the distance, and picks up speed as a precaution. The other ship is on her tail for days, quickly gaining. When the galleon inevitably catches up to the Brew, she passes and a tall, well dressed Frenchman, who is recognized as the pirate La Sanguine (making the ship the Nightmare Ascendant) who yells at the Brew to get their P.O.S ship out of his way.

The Brew makes port, and the crew (with the exception of Teran Terik) make for The Black Queen for dinner. There, they find the crew of the Nightmare Ascendant at their meal, but ignore this and make with a dinner. The Brew’s crew is heading back to their berths when Pots is accosted by a one-legged youth who asks for his help in private, flattering Pots profusely. Unable to resist, Potts accompanies the youth who at his lodgings pulls out a scroll case, and produces a basic map he claims hides a treasure. The youth, John Diggory, claims he left a group of local pirates but refuses to tell which pirate led them, despite many attempts to question him. John claims he secreted this map away, and it cost him his leg to do so. He calls on Potts as a navigator to take him with his crew in order to recover the treasure.

The map reads:
“Large stones rest at the edge of the northern foothills. You must set out from the southern town by foot.” and outlines a few landmarks. It continues:
“Travel north to the wilting forest west through the marshlands to an ancient temple, north into the forests where there is a large stone tree, west through to a large waterhole where a lone siren sings your death and then north to the large stone that rests at the foothills.”

Potts consults his maps and charts, and discovers the island of Persk is likely the island shown on the map. After consulting the crew, they decide to take on the job.
Hopper looks into getting the hoy repaired, and is quoted at 3,000 pieces of eight. A deal is struck for The Sparrow in exchange for a new mast for the hoy. The crew then visit Captain McCoy, who in a fit of gratitude for saving his ship from the whirlpool produces a large gift in the form of a wheel made of bone. Potts takes a closer look, and discovers that it is an enchanted item that will improve any ship it is fitted to.


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