Caribdus: Dark Waters


Episode 7

The group pools as much money as possible to buy the remaining essentials for the ship including two 8 pound cannons, some ammunition, a life boat and some tools for repairs. With everything now on board it is off to Persk to look for treasure as indicated on the map given to us by the young kid.

Sailing to Persk

Day 1 – Things are slow, the ship is not built for speed, it took two days just to leave the bay.

Day 5 – We spot a galleon heading out way, Ella in the crow’s nest spots it and informs us the “French Poof” is heading our way. As it gets closer we also spot a smaller sloop heading our way, the sloop passes us and the French follows, once again it seems we are unworthy much to our relief.

Day 11 – A ship running a red, and yellow flag with a black crest is spotted and as it gets closer Lewis recognises it as the Spanish. We are seriously outmatched in every aspect so when they pull up aside and gaff our ships together there is little we can do. The Panish Captain asks us what our business in our waters are and to show them our papers. Pots starts yelling back at the opposing ship wanting to know what authority they have in these waters and that they should go back to where they came from.

From the crows nest Ella spots a few races other than humans and it was very curious that none had their weapons drawn. She looks down as the Spanish hand Pots a scroll with an official seal stamped by the Spanish Government. The two start arguing again and the crew refuse to recognise their claim.

There is a verbal stouse between the two Captains and in the end the Spanish are so confused about everything they give up. As they pull away Lewis calls them a peacock and they turn and fire, strangely enough there was no splash or kaboom and the best we can figure out is they their guns were full of gun powder only. All in all it was a strange encounter but Pots told them what was what!

Day 12 – A large flock of razorwings fly by and perch on our mast for a while. Razorwings have bone tipped wings that are extremely sharp and can cause a lot of damage. They are easily removed and something that could have been an issue turned out to be nothing.

Day 13 – We are at our destination. We pull into port and have to stay at the Golden Ray as the gates at the top of the cliff are closed. Hek and Hopper go fishing for dinner but not together and the rest have a meal in the tavern.

The next morning we head off into the hinterland and we are granted access but the man at the gates warns us to stay away from the towers. We learn that the 4 towers represent the 4 magical elements and are located 4 standing rocks.

The Hinterland Trek

Day 1 – Head towards the wilting forest and head west through the marshlands to a temple. We see a herd of frogs approx. 50 cm long. We stay in the temple overnight.
Day 2 – Head north into the forest looking for a large stone tree. We come across some people and Hek and Ella sneak up to observe, they did not do it very well and were spotted. After a brief exchange they decide that they are friendly and we are invited to stay with them in their camp.
Day 3 – Head west and get lost. Day wasted.
Day 4 – We find the third marker. A water hole with a siren who according to the map notes “sings our death”. We continue past into the night to get away from the awful noise.
Day 5 – Get lost again.
Day 6 – Still lost!
Day 7 – We finally get to the large stone, Monk Ape Rock and we see a 300 yard high mesa.
Day 8 – Ella lead the way fastening the rope as Hopper and Lewis followed and all climbed the mountain up to the ledge. At the top they find a cave which looks to have been carved out. There are 7 corpses and broken pottery and in the corner some out of place straw. Underneath it are some wooden boards which is connected to a trap. Hopper removes the flint and steel and finds a hole in the ground but no treasure. A bit more looking around and Lewis and Ella find some soft sand and in it is the treasure which includes 2,000 pieces of eight worth of gems, a satchel of food, leather armour which weighs ½ normal weight which Hopper immediately claims and a sword. Once back down on the ground Pots determine that the sword which looks to be finely craft has a magical curse on it but Lewis still looks at it with glee.


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