Ella Valham



(Racial) Agile
(Racial) Gliders
Quick Draw


(Racial) Weak
Overconfident (major)
Phobia (minor)
Stubborn (minor)


Race: Atani
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Ella lived most of her young life in the safety of her rich Carroway Forrest home. Her wealthy parents took it upon themselves to shelter her from the many dangers of the world. Because of this Ella grew up well educated in basic skills like maths, English and such but with no real understanding or survival skills for the real world.

One day an earthquake hit the Carroway forest were she lived and in the chaos Ella was thrown from her home high in the canopy. She had flown before but not from such a distance and never without her parents. She stumble through the air not able to slow her descent enough to keep from crashing into the ground with a thud.

When Ella awoke she found herself lost and alone for the first time in her life.


Ella Valham

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