Scrulian Wind Mage


Like all Scurillian, Pots has a ‘crabby’ personality (-2 charisma), but a Keen Mind (plus 2 on memory, maths tests, etc). He has a tough shell (plus 3 on torso, plus 1 on arms and legs), two large and strong pincers (plus 2 strength) and telescopic eye stalks (plus 2 to detect someone behind him).
Pots exhibits an insatiable curiosity (Curious hindrance), and speaks several languages to a greater or lesser degree of fluency (Fluent Kraken, and basic Kehana and English). He has a knowledge of the trade routes of Caribdus and the ports they connect. He knows something of the flora and fauna of the world, and a memory of the Caribdus that existed before the flood.
He is a pig headed crustacean (Stubborn hindrance), but careful about risk (Cautious).


Yes, I am Pots. I don’t know why you softshells think its so funny. Its a noise, you make it, it means me!
Wait! What do you have there. Showmeshowmeshowme!
Oh, that’s boring. Why don’t you come back when you have something interesting to show me, you semi-intelligent monkey.

Pots is a Scurillian. A kind of giant intelligent crab. Very Intelligent. And don’t you forget it.
He, like all his kind, tends to exist in a permanent bad mood. He occasionally lapses into an overbearing arrogance. He has a nice hard exoskeleton, two large pincers, and way too many moving mouth parts. Quite endearing really.
Pots was always going to be a rich merchant. Or navigator on a great ship. Or an accountant. Perhaps a writer of books about travel and exotic islands. The Flora and Fauna you could find there.
But then he discovered…The Spirits!
He tamed them to his will and became a great and powerful Magician. Well.., he is on that path. And YOU can help! If not, then get out of the way you semi-evolved soft-shell, you addle-egged amoeba, you mush-brained monkey!
Wait! Whats that? Show me!


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