Caribdus: Dark Waters

A Quest or Two
Episode 8

After grabbing the loot we head back to the ship. Not much happened in the five day journey back, we stayed with the ex-pirate farmers again and had roast frog and met a red robed man who was heading in our direction for the blessing of the stones, apart from that it was uneventful and we did not get lost.

We arrive in town and check on our ship and am pleased to see everyone still there and had been fishing to keep the food supplies up. The loot is divided up amongst the crew and we start to look for cargo to take with us to Brigandy Bay, we may as well make some money since we are going that way. The prices here and in our destination aren’t that different and Pots declares that it wouldn’t be worth it so instead we buy a fishing net so we can catch our own. We make a deal with the fisherman whom we purchased the old and not quite useful net, to fix it whilst we do his days fishing. Unfortunately our fishing skills are not as good as we thought and the fisherman was not happy when we came back light.

A man in blue approaches us and wants to hire us for a rescue mission, he is a Spanish man, Manuel Damingo, and we are to rescue his brother from the Cocoa Mountain Mines which is a three month trip from here on the other side of the known world. His compensation for the trip will be shown to us this evening but he does emphasise his desire to leave as soon as possible.

On the way to seeing Manuel, Pots walks by the blessing of the stones ceremony and it doesn’t seem to be going to plan. The stones have cracks in them and parties from all elements are blaming each other. A young woman by the name of Pars Portri tells Pots of a dream she had of how to fix the stones by collecting certain items. For each item she receives she shall reward that person handsomely.

At the meet Manuel gives Pots his father’s ring as proof of our quest so that his brother Louis will know the sincerity of our mission. Our prize is a razor edged blade and as Pots examines it he discovers it has dark magic which draws life from its victims.

Hopper Journal Entry 8

It’s good to be back near the ocean. A couple of weeks trudging over the land is not my idea of fun, I tend to dry out but the jungles air is wet and it kept me going. For my part in the treasure I commandeered the light weighted vest which is good and no one seemed to object. So it seems like we have a few jobs on the horizon although I doubt we can do much with a ship this slow, we seriously need an upgrade but small steps.

The jobs we have will mean a lot of travel which means a lot of time at sea which is fine by me. A rescue mission to the other side of the world and I believe one of the items is at the Kehanna Fire Plooms which would be nice to see again.

Something I must remember is to read through that book I bought in its entirety. It mentioned a sunken ship. Just imagine if we could raise a sucken ship from the bottom of the ocean and sail in a fast ghost ship. Thats right Hopper, keep dreaming.

Hopper Journal Entry 7

I can swim faster than this ship, well almost, but really we are in a terrible vessel. One day I hope we get something better it will make life so much easier. How does one plunder other ships when you can’t catch them. We need to rely on fog to sneak up on unsuspecting targets that need to sit still for a few hours. On second thoughts I wouldn’t want to swim this far, to dangerous.

Thirteen days on a ship avoiding Hek where possible. We might not like each other but that’s more in our genes than anything. Our two races are built to hate each other and it is making life, well, awkward. Still it hasn’t resulted in violence, yet, all those cheap shots keep building up.

I have never been to Persk and so far I am impressed. The jungles are very green and thick making it tough going and we got lost for a few days which was not fun. The temples were a good distraction to all the walking and we even met 4 others camping out and we joined them overnight which was very generous. They are much more trusting than the Doreen, they would of cut our throats.

At the top of the ledge it was quite a magnificent view and for the small time I had looking out it was definitely worth the climb. The treasure we found was worth it and a good start, scored myself a new set of armour and I am betting that Lewis won’t be able to resist using the new sword. It is a fine blade but Pots said it is cursed, I am betting Lewis will use it regardless.

Episode 7

The group pools as much money as possible to buy the remaining essentials for the ship including two 8 pound cannons, some ammunition, a life boat and some tools for repairs. With everything now on board it is off to Persk to look for treasure as indicated on the map given to us by the young kid.

Sailing to Persk

Day 1 – Things are slow, the ship is not built for speed, it took two days just to leave the bay.

Day 5 – We spot a galleon heading out way, Ella in the crow’s nest spots it and informs us the “French Poof” is heading our way. As it gets closer we also spot a smaller sloop heading our way, the sloop passes us and the French follows, once again it seems we are unworthy much to our relief.

Day 11 – A ship running a red, and yellow flag with a black crest is spotted and as it gets closer Lewis recognises it as the Spanish. We are seriously outmatched in every aspect so when they pull up aside and gaff our ships together there is little we can do. The Panish Captain asks us what our business in our waters are and to show them our papers. Pots starts yelling back at the opposing ship wanting to know what authority they have in these waters and that they should go back to where they came from.

From the crows nest Ella spots a few races other than humans and it was very curious that none had their weapons drawn. She looks down as the Spanish hand Pots a scroll with an official seal stamped by the Spanish Government. The two start arguing again and the crew refuse to recognise their claim.

There is a verbal stouse between the two Captains and in the end the Spanish are so confused about everything they give up. As they pull away Lewis calls them a peacock and they turn and fire, strangely enough there was no splash or kaboom and the best we can figure out is they their guns were full of gun powder only. All in all it was a strange encounter but Pots told them what was what!

Day 12 – A large flock of razorwings fly by and perch on our mast for a while. Razorwings have bone tipped wings that are extremely sharp and can cause a lot of damage. They are easily removed and something that could have been an issue turned out to be nothing.

Day 13 – We are at our destination. We pull into port and have to stay at the Golden Ray as the gates at the top of the cliff are closed. Hek and Hopper go fishing for dinner but not together and the rest have a meal in the tavern.

The next morning we head off into the hinterland and we are granted access but the man at the gates warns us to stay away from the towers. We learn that the 4 towers represent the 4 magical elements and are located 4 standing rocks.

The Hinterland Trek

Day 1 – Head towards the wilting forest and head west through the marshlands to a temple. We see a herd of frogs approx. 50 cm long. We stay in the temple overnight.
Day 2 – Head north into the forest looking for a large stone tree. We come across some people and Hek and Ella sneak up to observe, they did not do it very well and were spotted. After a brief exchange they decide that they are friendly and we are invited to stay with them in their camp.
Day 3 – Head west and get lost. Day wasted.
Day 4 – We find the third marker. A water hole with a siren who according to the map notes “sings our death”. We continue past into the night to get away from the awful noise.
Day 5 – Get lost again.
Day 6 – Still lost!
Day 7 – We finally get to the large stone, Monk Ape Rock and we see a 300 yard high mesa.
Day 8 – Ella lead the way fastening the rope as Hopper and Lewis followed and all climbed the mountain up to the ledge. At the top they find a cave which looks to have been carved out. There are 7 corpses and broken pottery and in the corner some out of place straw. Underneath it are some wooden boards which is connected to a trap. Hopper removes the flint and steel and finds a hole in the ground but no treasure. A bit more looking around and Lewis and Ella find some soft sand and in it is the treasure which includes 2,000 pieces of eight worth of gems, a satchel of food, leather armour which weighs ½ normal weight which Hopper immediately claims and a sword. Once back down on the ground Pots determine that the sword which looks to be finely craft has a magical curse on it but Lewis still looks at it with glee.

Downtime in the Bay
Episode 6

The crew have time to pass as their newly acquired ship is fitted for a mast. Hopper goes shopping and buys a diary from a seedy looking man which details a lost destroyer. Teran Terik and Hek go hunting for food and also taking the time to get out of the town.

Pots wanders the city followed closely by the young John Diggory and the human Lewis, looking for items to fit into our ship. Ropes, provisions and supplies to get the ship sea worthy whilst we are waiting for the mast to be installed. Talking to some experts along the way they find out it may also be worth careening the hull so that it is free from sea organisms such as barnacles.

The group decide to careen the ship themselves which will take the crew 14 days and as they have already pooled their money to fit the ship they have little left for food and lodging so they setup camp on the beach with shelters made by Teran.

As this is going on Ethalamandas decides to leave the crew as her quest is no longer on the same path as the rest of the crew, she says her goodbyes and heads off on her own. At this point the group realise they no longer have a healer and decide to put up a notice looking for crew members.

Whilst careening the hull there are numerous applicants to the job notice. Rogar Reddergar applies and is told to come back as we think about his application when in reality we just wanted to see Teran and Rogar face off as Teran was gathering food the first time around. Although nothing happened Rogar was not surprisingly turned down.

Three Irishmen, Sean O’Flaherty, Liam O’Flaherty and Paddy O’Flaherty also come to apply for the job and they seem reasonable enough and are hired along with a water mage called Sarin Spenari.

The ship had its mast and 14 days of intensive labour careening the hull and it was ready for launch. The crew assemble on board and one of the Irish asks who the captain was, the crew all looked at each other and eventually Pots said it was him, of course Equais said it was her. An argument erupted between the two Scurillian and Eqauis seemed to backdown and stated she was heading to her quarters, the captains cabin. Pots quickly turned and bolted for the cabin himself and being much faster and stronger knocks her to the ground and he claims not only the cabin but also the Captaincy. At this point it also seems as though Teran is fast becoming the First Mate as Pots is giving him some of the duties typically associated with that role.

Eqauis is heard whimpering below deck for quite some time and Hek eventually goes to calm her down. She also tends to her cracked pincer which occured when she was knocked to the ground.

With an every growing crew there are still a few areas that aren’t covered such as ship cook but the Irishmen know someone for that role and everyone except Hopper head into town.

With Liams help the crew manage to convince Wela Wynn to see the ship and look for a job, its obvious however that Wela’s cooking skill hasnt been tested and that Liam might be in love with her

Hopper Journal Entry 6

Today I went shopping as we have some downtime, bought some things I needed and came across this strange man who sold me a diary. Being a curious so and so, I bough it and started reading, well bits of it anyway. Seems that there is a lost ship out there somewhere, Black Beard’s The Destroyer. I shall continue to read it and study it to see if there is any truth to it but it may be worth a look. I like a good adventure and if it turns out to be true then there may be some good treasure at the end of it.

Over two weeks we got the ship into shape, a lot of hard work and we camped on the beach which is as close to the ocean as you can get without actually living in it. It did make it easy to have a dip each night.

Finally with a working ship, Potts, with two T’s, appoints himself Captain whilst we are looking for other crew members. I’m ok with that, he seems smart and capable enough and to be quite honest I don’t want the responsibility.

The other crab, Equais was trying to impose herself and say she should be captain. She is really starting to become a pain in the backside, we rescued her and she thinks she can just come in and boss us around, at least Potts, with two T’s, seems to have had enough. He got into an amusing argument with her and when they both raced to the captains cabin he knocked her out the way, I think she was hurt as she was whimpering for quite some time. There will come a time when her attitude will no longer be tolerated.

Some of the crew still see me as a slave and maybe over time that will change but I am no slave and if they continue down this path, who knows what will happen.

Maelstrom and Maps
Episode 5

Day 19 of the voyage, a double master is spotted off the starboard side. As the Witches Brew looks closer, the crew sees the ship is stuck in a whirlpool, but two atani have secured the ship to rocks. Ella Valham glides over to the stricken ship with rope, and the Brew manages (after a close call) to pull the other out into calm waters. The captain of The Donna Brianne (as it’s now known to be called) thanks her profusely and calls on her to visit him in Brigandy Bay, and gives her his name, Hagrin McCoy.

At day 21, the Brew encounters sargasso as far as the eye can see. Ella, Hopper and Lewis Robertson are on board the El Gato Del Mar when it is attacked by humanoid seaweed forms. from extreme luck, Hopper survives a close call, and while some members of the cadre gag on the stench of their attackers, The Witches’ Brew is boarded by more of the same creatures, which are quickly dispatched by a vexed Potts. On board the El Gato Del Mar, Hopper, Ella and Lewis battle the creatures and with some teamwork finish their foes. Ella is injured during the battle, with her injuries taken care of by Ethalamandas.

On day 23 of the voyage, as The Witches’ Brew is heading back to port, it spots a galleon in the distance, and picks up speed as a precaution. The other ship is on her tail for days, quickly gaining. When the galleon inevitably catches up to the Brew, she passes and a tall, well dressed Frenchman, who is recognized as the pirate La Sanguine (making the ship the Nightmare Ascendant) who yells at the Brew to get their P.O.S ship out of his way.

The Brew makes port, and the crew (with the exception of Teran Terik) make for The Black Queen for dinner. There, they find the crew of the Nightmare Ascendant at their meal, but ignore this and make with a dinner. The Brew’s crew is heading back to their berths when Pots is accosted by a one-legged youth who asks for his help in private, flattering Pots profusely. Unable to resist, Potts accompanies the youth who at his lodgings pulls out a scroll case, and produces a basic map he claims hides a treasure. The youth, John Diggory, claims he left a group of local pirates but refuses to tell which pirate led them, despite many attempts to question him. John claims he secreted this map away, and it cost him his leg to do so. He calls on Potts as a navigator to take him with his crew in order to recover the treasure.

The map reads:
“Large stones rest at the edge of the northern foothills. You must set out from the southern town by foot.” and outlines a few landmarks. It continues:
“Travel north to the wilting forest west through the marshlands to an ancient temple, north into the forests where there is a large stone tree, west through to a large waterhole where a lone siren sings your death and then north to the large stone that rests at the foothills.”

Potts consults his maps and charts, and discovers the island of Persk is likely the island shown on the map. After consulting the crew, they decide to take on the job.
Hopper looks into getting the hoy repaired, and is quoted at 3,000 pieces of eight. A deal is struck for The Sparrow in exchange for a new mast for the hoy. The crew then visit Captain McCoy, who in a fit of gratitude for saving his ship from the whirlpool produces a large gift in the form of a wheel made of bone. Potts takes a closer look, and discovers that it is an enchanted item that will improve any ship it is fitted to.

Hopper Journal Entry 5

I am now back at Brigandy Bay after a month or so at sea and I enjoyed every minute of it. The last week or so was rather interesting and I saw some things I had never seen before including an Englishman and a giant whirlpool.

Our deal with the captain of the Witches Brew was fulfilled and with much luck we found a salvageable ship rather quickly, with the only problem being a busted mask and yes I know that is a major flaw but the ship itself is just what we needed. We attached a rope to the Witches Brew and were towed back for the rest of our journey. Me, Ella and the human Lewis stayed on board to man my new ship whilst as agreed Potts stayed on the Witches Brew.

Going back a few days, Lewis survived his near fatal encounter with the giant octopus creature which is good news, he seems quite capable even if he does smell funny, must be a human thing I guess.

Anyway where was I, ahhh, that right, the whirlpool, we came across a giant whirlpool and it was quite a sight to behold, even had an English ship in there being tethered to a rock by a single rope. The crew of the Witches Brew pulled the ship out of danger thanks to Ella flying a rope over there and befriended the English Captain. All in all it was a day of firsts for me.

Speaking of firsts, I forgot about the seaweed creatures. The night before the whirlpool we sailed through some thick seaweed, I should of known something would happen. I was at the helm when these seaweed creatures boarded, we did repel them even if it was difficult. They did not smell pleasant at all and if I wasn’t so scared I think I would of vomited. Lewis, Ella and me killed them all even if I was bloody useless, they were tough.

Anyway that was our trip and now we are back on land again and have made a deal to sell our small skiff to get a mast for our larger, newly acquired vessel. We shall see how things unfold but I feel that I shall be seeing many new wonders over the coming months.

Hopper Journal Entry 4

Swimming around Brigandy Bay was kind of disgusting, with bottles and all sorts of junk. The land dwellers just don’t treat the ocean with respect and they wonder why the ocean is rising, it’s payback.

My first venture out salvaging ship and treasure so far has been rather slow. Many days not finding anything really does get to you after a while yet we did find two ships across 15 days or so.

The first was on fire and to my enjoyment I got to see a Salamander for the first time. They were burning everything in site and it eventually got to dangerous and we had to get off the ship before it was completely burnt. As it turns out it is the second ship we have been around that has had that problem, maybe the Doreen is bad luck.

I remember hearing stories of the fire Salamander’s as a kid and always wanted to see one although I probably should of followed them into the water as to see them in their natural environment would have been something. Oh well maybe we shall come across them again.

The second ship was in better shape but once again things didn’t quite go as expected. More sea creatures decided they also liked this ship and attacked us. This time they were some octopus type of creature, maybe 12 of them and one big mother. I am still alive to write this so suffice to say we killed them all even if some of our crew took a beating.

We are going to have to head back to Brigandy Bay shortly and hopefully it will be in this new ship we have found. The land dwellers need supplies and can’t survive at sea for very long so they need to continuously go back home to restock, if only they knew how to live off the ocean it would be so much easier.

An Explosive Situation

The new crew members of the fine ship Witches Brew meet their fellow shipmates:

  • Grurg, a Grael
  • First Mate Darin Dedroni, a Masaquani
  • the ship’s cook, Pepper Paraxis, also a Masaquani
  • Hogurd, an Atani
  • Bryn Brokar, the intrepid captain

Before departing Teran Terik attempts to apologize to Edda Elamis at the tavern but makes a complete arse of it. Terse words are exchanged, and Rogar Reddergar makes an appearance to add insult to injury. Both blame Teran for their exile.

Meanwhile Hopper scavenged in the harbor and amongst the stinking detritus found some silver coins.

Shortly thereafter the Witches Brew sets sail with the tide, making for the Flotsam and, hopefully, fortune and glory (and a ship!).

The novelty of being at sea again quickly wears off and a routine of utter boredom quickly settles in.

On Day 9 – excitement as a pillar of smoke is spotted on the horizon! As the Witches Brew sneaks closer, the smoke is discovered to be from a burning ship which is crawling with strange fire-folk, which Hopper identifies as ‘Salamanders’, creatures from the depths of the Kehana Flumes.

The bold band of adventurers boards the ship, ready for anything, and are slightly disappointed to find themselves ignored by the Salamanders, who seem more intent on setting things alight. As the party explores the ship things quickly turn sour, however, as Lewis Robertson attempts to prevent a Salamander from setting a barrel of gunpowder aflame. He drives his blade home, but is shocked when the rapier melts to the pommel!

Fleeing, Lewis shouts a warning to the others who manage to jump overboard before the ships magazines go up, obliterating the vessel!

Returning to the Witches Brew, Lewis replaces with his lost blade with a rusty rapier, which all agree is perhaps The Worst Weapon ever.

On Day 13 the crew encounters a Hoy named El Gato Del Mar, which has a broken mast and is adrift, seemingly deserted. Boarding, the heroes find an ominous pool of blood on deck and drag marks to the port side of the vessel.

Hek leaps into the water, intent on investigating – and all hell breaks loose! The ship is under attack by a myriad of tentacles and bipedal sea creatures – Octopons! Furious battle is waged, with Lewis standing against a giant monster in defense of Hek.

Pots hurls powerful magic at the creature and the battle (and a ship!) is won – but is it at the cost of Lewis’s life?


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