Kraken are tall, slender, red-skinned humanoids with squid-like features. Though they are ill-liked by most for their aloof and mysterious ways, many are naturally gifted elementalists. Such individuals are highly sought after by ship’s captains, but rarely welcomed by their crews.

The kraken once lived in a single great city, half-submerged and half-afloat, called Tar Tarris.
They had the greatest fleet in the world, comprised of a dozen Great Ships and thousands of smaller attack vessels. This great fleet sailed against the Sea Hags soon after the witches rose but was destroyed. Worse, the witches retaliated by leveling Tar Tarris, killing thousands more
innocent kraken in their rage. Now a single Great Ship remains. High Admiral Caspian of the kraken gathered all those who survived. He kept a small number of his greatest warrior-mages
aboard the Great Ship and told the rest to wander the world until they found a way to defeat the
witches. The kraken Admiral still wanders the Thousand Isles on some great and mysterious quest unknown to all others. The rest of his people continue the mission, or have given up and go about their own personal quests. These wanderers are much like the doreen, whom they admire. Both are the last of their race, and will probably never see their people truly thrive again.

Though most kraken are mages, some are fierce warriors as well. Those who once served in the kraken navy wield featherlight scimitars engraved with exotic images of the sea. Kraken bone swords are enchanted, but only for the kraken themselves.

Names: Kraken’s true names are unpronounceable burbles and glurps. Wary of becoming mocked like the kehana, they name themselves. These vary, but tend to be single long words such as Keraptis, Jaraquay, Telimos, and Faniferous.

Racial Edges & Hindrances

  • Aquatic: Kraken have webbed fingers and toes, and can move at their full Swimming skill while in water (-2” per load limit penalty). They can speak underwater as well, allowing them to cast spells normally while submerged. Kraken begin play with a d6 in Swimming.
  • Dehydration: Kraken must immerse themselves in water (salt or fresh) at least one hour out of
    every 24. Those who don’t are automatically Fatigued each day until they are Incapacitated. The day after that, they perish. Kehana mages with elemental manipulation (water) may use it to make Vigor rolls to avoid Fatigue.
  • Natural Talent: Kraken have a natural affinity for elemental magic. They start with 10 additional Power Points. Those without an Arcane Background simply ignore this benefit, but may make use of it immediately if they later become elementalists.


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