The Rebecca was a British Frigate with only 2 remaining of its original crew. Working out of Baltimus as part of the British East India Company

It was hit from underneath in the water and limped to the shores of Torath-Ka Where it was burnt and destroyed on the beach.


  1. Captain Jonas Abraham Human (English)
  2. Alyas Aldew Masaquani (Keiran) – [m] Young shiphand, 16 years.
  3. Beleranas Kraken – [m] Older Kraken, carries a blade made of bone, and seems to know how to use it
  4. Caras CathMasaquani (Keiran) – [m] strong, well built
  5. Caith CathMasaquani (Keiran) – [f] tall and lithe, seemingly built for rigging
  6. Cereall Caddis Masaquani (Keiran) – [m]
  7. DahkDoreen First Mate. – [m] Killed by Hopper
  8. Delas Dogarn Masaquani (Keiran) [m]—
  9. Ella ValhamAtani – [f]
  10. EthalamandasKraken – [f]
  11. Fira Foss Masaquani (Ograpogi) – [f]
  12. Grug Red Man – [m]
  13. Hek Doreen – [m]
  14. Hopper Kehana – [m]
  15. John Smith Human (English) – [m] 24yo
  16. Karin Kerass Masaquani (Keiran) [m]
  17. Mallan Moraya Masaquani (Keiran) [m]
  18. Senor Miguel Figuroa Human (Spanish) – [m] experience old sailor at least 50yo
  19. Pots Scurillian – [m]
  20. Segor Settan Masaquani (Keiran) – [m]
  21. Teran Terik Masaquani (Keiran) – [m]
  22. Urgh Grael – [m]
  23. Xera Xarak Masaquani (Keiran) – [m]


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